DJ Casper's Background & History

DJ Casper

From 12/2000 to Present - Founded, owns, directs, runs and manages Color Blind Celebrations Providing; party planning, wedding consultation, and referals for choreography/dance companies in addition to its growing DJ services. The company is available for birthdays, weddings, proms, fund-raisers, corporate events, block parties and house parties to name a few, for both profit and not for profit agencies, and community based organizations in the Chicago land and surrounding areas. Taking everything that he has learned over the many years in this industry, Jeff A. Kaemerer believes in the highest levels of customer service and excellence at all times, no matter what. Jeff A. Kaemerer will not only work for you, but with you, and that is a fact.

From 11/1997 to 05/2003 - Founded, owned, directed, ran, and managed JAK Party Coordinators, Inc. Provided; party planning, wedding consultation, and referrals for clients to banquet halls, limousine companies, photography / video services, and more. Also provided; choreography / dance instruction for Quinceañera's, Sweet 16's, Debutant Balls, and others around the Chicago land and surrounding areas. Even if contracts were not signed, or referrals were not made to potential clients, Jeff A. Kaemerer always made sure that those he spoke with or met in person had any and all questions answered regarding their event/function. Jeff A. Kaemerer also suggested clients to do their homework, to get other quotes, and to always make sure professional contracts were used.

From 11/1997 to 05/2003 - Assisted Mr. Luis Videa (DJ Mano), of Producción Videa, Inc., responsible for assisting DJ Mano with every aspect of planning, organizing, and playing/mixing music for several Latino events / parties (both private and public) around the Chicago land and surrounding areas. DJ Casper listened, watched, and learned from DJ Mano in order to perfect his skills.

From 01/1997 to 11/1997 - Assisted; in the choreography, planning, and directing for several Quinceañera's, and Sweet 16 celebrations around the Chicago land area with Mr. Fernando Nieves. Jeff A. Kaemerer also helped clients with all aspects of the programming, and ideas for each of the dances for their special night. Created new contracts, flyers, and business cards for Mr. Nieves company.

From 08/1996 to 11/1997 - DJ Casper Managed the Generación Hispana Dance Company, a Folkloric Latin Dance Company based out of the Humboldt Park neighborhood. Traditional Folkloric Dances from; Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, just to name a few, were performed by the choreography of Mr. Fernando Nieves around the Chicago land area. Jeff A. Kaemerer also handled contracts, public relations, new member orientations, and much more for this company also.)

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