Your Guarantee - Our Promise

This is a big concern and a growing problem for those who are in need of hiring a DJ for their upcoming events. Many times the DJ comes to the function with a small group of people. Then these groupies take up space that could be used by your family and friends. They mingle with your guests, hang out at the bar; and most times end up getting intoxicated.

Color Blind Celebrations only sends two (2) DJ’s to every event/function hired for. If it is a larger event/function, there may be a need for one (1) other person, but that is normally not the case.

Color Blind Celebrations’s employee's are trained in every aspect of equipment and lighting. These dedicated individuals also are trained and knowledgeable in regards to the music. Unlike other acts that walk away from their equipment, leaving music playing, having the client ask, "Where is my DJ?" You will be pleased to know, that even if one DJ has to walk away, for any reason, there will always be somebody standing right there doing the job Color Blind Celebrations was hired for.

In addition, all Color Blind Celebrations staff will not and do not drink alcohol. We believe that this like any other job is to be taken seriously, and because you would not drink while at your daily 9 to 5 job, why should we be able to? In order to give you the promised service, satisfaction, and memories to last a lifetime, our DJ's should be, must be, and will be sober. This is our promise to you from the start!

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