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Color Blind Celebrations has had the privilege of working with several of Chicago and Illinois suburban hottest up and coming DJ's over the past 18 years. Many who have gone on to start their own businesses or even work at the hottest clubs around town. Like; DJ Harry T, DJ Leo Traverso, DJ LuLu, DJ Ron Sager, DJ Mano, DJ Epic "D", and many others.

Below is some information and history regarding DJ Magma who has been working with Color Blind Celebrations for the past ten (11) years. This DJ started out as an apprentice, and a road hand, and DJ'd small sets off and on between 2007 to 2013. Then officially became DJ Casper's Assistant DJ in 2013.

Then in November of 2016 this DJ became a business partner with DJ Casper. He continues to be a huge asset to the company, offering and providing his valuable experience and knowledge which are greatly appreciated.

Miguel A. Garcia (DJ Magma)

DJ Magma

I am originally from Mexico, and when I was a child, I wished to one-day DJ in a nightclub of my very own. With few resources and opportunities in Mexico, I knew that I could not easily achieve my dream, so I decided to travel to the United States where I believed my dream could become reality.

I arrived in Chicago, and even though there were not many people I knew, I started to get to know a few friends a little at a time. I was lucky to have met DJ Casper, and shared with him my childhood dreams of owning and playing music in my own club one day. It was at this moment that DJ Casper shared with me that he owned his own DJ company Color Blind Celebrations.

On January 6, 2007, DJ Casper invited me to work for him as one of his road hands helping with unloading, loading, setting up and tearing down the sound and lighting equipment for Color Blind Celebrations. This opportunity gave me the chance to work with the DJ sound and lighting equipment I had always dreamed of using. It also allowed me to watch DJ Casper as he mixed and played music for his clients, and learn important business practices from him as well.

DJ Casper decided shortly after this time to also take me on as an apprentice learning how to mix and DJ from him a little at a time, practicing when I could. This time helping him and learning from him was bringing me closer to the dream that I could only think about and hope for while in Mexico.

On April 15th, 2007 during a wedding, I was given the chance to play a small set of music. This was a chance to prove to DJ Casper what I knew, what I had learned, that I was ready and that I could be a valuable part of the Color Blind Celebrations DJ team. That moment was the start, it just got better and better from that moment on.

In 2013 I became DJ Casper's Assistant DJ and was now spinning and mixing at all the functions that we were hired for, especially events where Spanish music was requested or required. I can mix or play all music genres in both English and Spanish, however I specialize in Spanish Rock Pop, Duranguense, Cumbia, and Reggeaton.

In November of 2016 I officially became Business Partner in Color Blind Celebrations working along side and with DJ Casper in all aspects of the business. I never dreamed that this journey that started out as a dream would take me where I am today. The nightclub is still a hope and a dream but I am closer to it today than ever before.

I am very thankful to DJ Casper, for the great opportunities that he has blessed me with during all this time I have been working for and now with him. I also thank him for granting me chances to make my dreams become reality every day.

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